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From July 1st 2020 onward, Brederodes Expo's activities will be continued by the experienced team of EMC Expo.

There is over 70 years between the stand we delivered perfectly this morning and the first stand we ever built. Obviously, many things have changed over the years, but not the objectives of our customers. You still take part in exhibitions to draw attention to your product, to convince potential customers and simply to sell.

Our years of experience and the ideas of our innovative concept makers translate for you into a better, smarter and more durable way of building the most effective stands, exhibitions and interiors. In combination with our knowledge of marketing and communication, we show your business optimally at any exhibition. In addition to this, creating a unique experience for users and visitors is very important to us.

Green? It was already in our genes, before the term became popular

There, where people build with materials that are taken from nature, sustainability plays an important part. Especially in our industry, where a big part of the constructions are of a temporary nature.

Brederode Expo designs, manufactures, purchases, transports, assembles and decorates according to the RRR-principle. Because we use the principle of REDUCE, RE-USE and RECYCLE when we form our goals, way of thinking and processes, we create progressive concepts that matter.

It is in our nature to be economical. Careful with everything. Our company has always focused on craftmanship, while we are also concerned with the future. Because we are very focused on minimizing our waste and the recycling of our materials, little goes to waste. The small stream of waste wood and paper is recycled. Most of the parts we use are produced from sustainable and certified materials, made for frequent re-use.

The objectives of our customers and the associated design are very important to us. However, we will increasingly start our designs by putting together a ‘material palette’. This palette will give direction to the design assignment that we give ourselves. This ‘vision on sustainability’ describes the starting points we have chosen. In this palette, we take in to account that we can arrange an almost entirely circular and low energy production, by means of re-use, recycle, upcycle and the use of certified materials.

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